Our Story One cold night in November, I was handing out sandwiches to people experiencing homelessness in NYC when one man approached me. "It's great that you're giving out sandwiches,” he said, “but one thing we really need is socks, especially as winter approaches." Here I was, sandwiches in hand, assuming I knew the best way to help people. In reality, helping is about listening, and hearing the needs of different communities. It was a powerful lesson, and I wanted to put it into action. I began that night, with a simple step: I went door-to-door on my NYU dorm floor and knocked on everyone’s door. I asked if they would donate just one pair of their own socks to someone experiencing homelessness. To my surprise I got over 40 pairs of socks in a single night, from a single floor. The next morning I walked out of my dorm room to find a huge pile of socks in front of my door from other people who had heard of what happened. It started small, but I knew it was such a simple concept that it could easily be grown. College students love to do good, but sometimes they need a literal knock on their door to do so. And most everyone has an extra pair of socks they can donate. That's when the initiative Knock Knock, Give a Sock was created. --KKGAS Founder Adina Lichtman Why Socks? Let’s start with the basics: Why socks? To those of us who are fortunate enough not to be homeless, it’s a reasonable question. After all, we often see people asking for food, for money—but never for socks. But sometimes it’s the smallest things, the things we rarely take the time to think about, that can be most important. Most people don't know that socks are the most needed yet least donated article of clothing for those experiencing homelessness. And after speaking with dozens of college students I have seen that socks are also the easiest item to donate—a student may not have a lot of time or money, but they always have a drawer full of socks. As for those who are experiencing homelessness, many of them wear four or five pairs of socks throughout the winter in order to stay warm. So lets warm some feet together this winter, and start knockin'! "Give your neighbor's door a knock, Ask them if they'll give a sock. Spread the word while doing good, Get to know your neighborhood." How Can I Get My College Involved? Become a floor rep for the initiative. The Floor Rep's job is to knock on every door on your floor in your dorm, and collect one pair from each room. Floor Reps then bring the socks to a drop-off location on campus where they will be picked up by Knock Knock Give A Sock. Goal: Every door in the school's dorms gets knocked on and asked to donate a pair of socks. How Can I Get My High School or Office Involved? Bring in a bin to the front office at your school or work place and label the bin "Knock Knock Give A Sock" Sign up with us and we will arrange to have the bin picked up. Encourage your colleagues and classmates to get to know the neighbors in their hometowns by having them knock on their doors to collect more socks that way!