DSEL: Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning

About the Project

DSEL - the Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning - is an evolving, fluid, collaboration and ideation space for students, faculty, community members and professionals-in-residence who seek to tackle the complex problems of our time through the power of design thinking, ideation and rapid prototyping. The space is flexible and easily shaped in structure and atmosphere to meet a range of uses in support of unleashing the creative potential of of entrepreneurs and scholars creating new knowledge in science, engineering, agriculture and technology. Embedded at the land grant university in the inspiring state of Montana, it leverages the exploding entrepreneurial start-up momentum in the state alongside leading scholars at Montana State University. Among possible uses: Providing the flexible classroom space for faculty using problem-based learning, active ideation and applied experimentation as the prinicipal teaching pedagogy. Students have 24-7 access to the DSEL to work on on course-related projects or entrpreneurial ideas. DSEL will support professional residencies to bring new idea to students through workshops and mentorships. DSEL will support executive training for companies interested in building design thinking and iterative problem-solving strategies into the corporate culture.

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DSEL: Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning

Mentoring students

Mentor students interested in understanding an applying the design thinking process in your professional field.

DSEL: Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning

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Scholarships and internships for the next generation of creatibe problem -solvers.

DSEL: Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning

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DSEL: Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning