Establishing a virtual skills development institute in Mbarara , Uganda East Africa

About the Project

There is a very high rate of unemployment in Uganda today. This has been attributed to the formal education system that emphasizes mostly the theoretical type of learning. Many students also fall out of the formal education system before they have acquired substantial skills to enable them work on their own thereby leaving them without any tangible source of income leading them to engage in criminal activities. Even those that get an opportunity to join Vocational institutes don’t gain much skill as also the majority of the vocational institutions are poorly equipped to be able to give the real skills necessary. Secondly most of the instructions require some form of qualifications that these young people do not have. We seek to establish an institute (a kind of virtual institute) that will train out of school youth in practical skills that they can use to employ themselves. These include tailoring, Computer studies, Mechanics, metal fabrication, cookery and baking, cow horn technology, piggery and poultry, Tree nursery care, hand craft making, branding and marketing We will not build our won buildings for the start but we will sign memorandum of understanding with existing institutions to use their facilities for the trainings.