Homeless Prenatal Program

About the Project

We are creating an online volunteer application form which will replace a PDF. Upon submission an email will be sent to the applicant notifying them to expect a follow up soon along with attached consent forms they can print , sign, and bring to their interview. In addition, we created an online form for volunteers to log their activities. All the code is stored in HPPs sandbox on https://cs16.salesforce.com username: hack1@homelessprenatal.org



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Homeless Prenatal Program

Digitize in-kind donation form

Digitize the in-kind donation form for HPP

Homeless Prenatal Program

Create volunteer portal for HPP

Create a web enabled volunteer portal that will allow volunteers to view and update data related to themselves

Homeless Prenatal Program

Mobilize all pages created during this project

Donation, volunteer application, and volunteer tracking should be altered for an improved mobile experience

Homeless Prenatal Program